A Day in the Life – Cleaning, Organizing and Shopping

I spent the whole day yesterday getting my life organized after a hectic week at work. I wanted to show everybody what it was like getting around in Daegu and the differences in the supermarkets here and at home. It’s been almost a year since I made a vlog like this, but the ast time … More A Day in the Life – Cleaning, Organizing and Shopping

Vienna, Austria

There’s little to nothing about Vienna that I don’t adore. Last time we visited, on a day trip from Budapest, we only had a few hours to cram in as much as possible. It was cold, raining and we were both a little grumpy thanks to a 5am start to the day. I remember being marvelled … More Vienna, Austria

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is undoubtedly one of the places I most looked forward to when planning our trip. An untouched ancient city in the middle of Myanmar (Burma), it’s home to thousands upon thousands of temples spanning centuries of construction. In the summer months you can hot air balloon over the temples at sunset and sunrise, hire … More Bagan, Myanmar