An Honest 2 Month Update on Life in Korea

There’s not a whole lot to say in the description that wasn’t said in the video, but thanks to everybody who watches! Life here is going incredibly, but it is definitely not without its challenges. If you’d like to see more videos about my travels and time in Korea, feel free to subscribe to my … More An Honest 2 Month Update on Life in Korea

48 Hours in Tokyo

Sorryy about the shortness of this vlog, but I really took this past weekend for myself to regroup for the next few months at work where I won’t have many breaks. I think that despite the shortness of the footage, I managed to capture some pretty nice shots and hope you agree. See you later … More 48 Hours in Tokyo

New York City, NY

This was my third visit to New York, and my first time being there on such a tight budget. The first time I went, I had just turned 19 and visited for around a week with my two friends (click here to read). The next time I visited, I stayed for just over two weeks … More New York City, NY