A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand

One of my earliest conversations with a friend who has lived here in Korea for over five years was to give it at least three months until things started to settle. At two months, I (probably prematurely) made a video updating everyone on how life was going. Whilst my work life and home was together, … More A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand

Norwegian Air

If you haven’t already seen the vlog I made detailing my personal experience with Norwegian Air, you can watch it below, or keep reading to see my full airline review. I’ve read countless news articles and blog posts on people’s personal experiences with Norwegian Air, and they did not give me the best overall impression … More Norwegian Air

48 Hours in Tokyo

Sorryy about the shortness of this vlog, but I really took this past weekend for myself to regroup for the next few months at work where I won’t have many breaks. I think that despite the shortness of the footage, I managed to capture some pretty nice shots and hope you agree. See you later … More 48 Hours in Tokyo