Vlog 2 – Hunke Moller Collaboration & Back to St Andrews

As promised in the vlog I uploaded to my channel last week – click here to watch – I’ve been filming for my first weekly vlog. This week I collaborated with a global brand (it’s crazy to even be saying that) on a gift guide that you can read here, and travelled back to St … More Vlog 2 – Hunke Moller Collaboration & Back to St Andrews


Glasgow to St Andrews

Although St Andrews is one of Scotland’s busiest tourist destinations, it is also one of the most difficult to access by public transport. In general, it’s pretty time consuming and expensive to access from Glasgow, but in any case it’s more than worth taking the time and cost to travel through. The distance between the two … More Glasgow to St Andrews

St Andrews, Scotland

Despite having lived in Scotland for my entire life, I had never visited St. Andrews until I moved there to study at the university in the late summer of 2014. Apart from Edinburgh, I was largely unfamiliar with the opposite coast and so when I started exploring St. Andrews, its beaches and its historical buildings I … More St Andrews, Scotland