Chaakoo Bombay Cafe (Glasgow, Scotland)

Last night I was lucky enough to collaborate with Chaakoo Bombay Cafe by having a taster session of their menu with my mum. Located on St Vincent Street in Glasgow’s city centre and first opened last October, this fresh take on an Indian restaurant has all the makings of a traditional Iranian cafe. Although there … More Chaakoo Bombay Cafe (Glasgow, Scotland)


We first used AirAsia on our first trip to Southeast Asia two years ago. Along with other budget airlines like Ryanair, I think AirAsia gets a bad reputation. It was a saving grace for us when we were backpacking because it shaved hours and hours off of our travel times, made border crossings much less complex for … More AirAsia

Destiny Scotland – George IV Apartments (Edinburgh, Scotland)

For photographs and a breakdown of my trip to Edinburgh, click here. Cost For a one bedroom apartment I paid £56 per night, however I think I was extremely lucky with this price and the accommodation averages for closer to £100 per night. This is pretty expensive, however for the quality of the room you get … More Destiny Scotland – George IV Apartments (Edinburgh, Scotland)