A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand

One of my earliest conversations with a friend who has lived here in Korea for over five years was to give it at least three months until things started to settle. At two months, I (probably prematurely) made a video updating everyone on how life was going. Whilst my work life and home was together, … More A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand


48 Hours in Tokyo

Sorryy about the shortness of this vlog, but I really took this past weekend for myself to regroup for the next few months at work where I won’t have many breaks. I think that despite the shortness of the footage, I managed to capture some pretty nice shots and hope you agree. See you later … More 48 Hours in Tokyo

New York City, NY

This was my third visit to New York, and my first time being there on such a tight budget. The first time I went, I had just turned 19 and visited for around a week with my two friends (click here to read). The next time I visited, I stayed for just over two weeks … More New York City, NY