How I Spent a Day in NYC on $0

In the last of this year’s series of posts on New York City, I’ll be telling you about how I spent the day there on a $0 budget. Now, I had to pay to take the train to and from Morristown, NJ to actually get there, but over the course of the entire day, I … More How I Spent a Day in NYC on $0


Norwegian Air

If you haven’t already seen the vlog I made detailing my personal experience with Norwegian Air, you can watch it below, or keep reading to see my full airline review. I’ve read countless news articles and blog posts on people’s personal experiences with Norwegian Air, and they did not give me the best overall impression … More Norwegian Air

New York City, NY

This was my third visit to New York, and my first time being there on such a tight budget. The first time I went, I had just turned 19 and visited for around a week with my two friends (click here to read). The next time I visited, I stayed for just over two weeks … More New York City, NY

10 July Return Long-Haul Flights from Glasgow for under £500

There are a ton of long haul flights available this summer between North Africa, Asia and North America. If you’re looking for more local flights, check my recent post on flights for under £35 from Glasgow this month. Like in my last post of this kind, I’ve posted the long haul post two months in advance … More 10 July Return Long-Haul Flights from Glasgow for under £500