Booking Hotels

Whether you’re travelling for two days or two months, having somewhere good to stay while you’re doing so is important. I think there’s a misconception regarding the cost of hotels, and that most people associate cheap accommodation only with hostels. The fact is that this just isn’t the case, and if you look long and hard … More Booking Hotels

East Asian Travel

Before our trip last summer, the furthest I had ever travelled from home had been to New York City. Even then, it was booked on a whim and with not a whole lot of planning went into things such as itinerary, budget and accommodation. After spending a week there and not seeing half of the things … More East Asian Travel

East Asian Visas

Being from the UK has countless benefits in terms of travel visas. Being, for now, a member of the European Union and the Commonwealth means access to countries across the globe is both easy and often free for us. Our government has a comprehensive A-Z list of every country in the world in the visas and immigration section … More East Asian Visas

Europan Travel

The most frequent questions I get asked about my trips are how I pay for them and how I plan them. The answer to the first question is pretty simple in that I started my own small business whilst at university full time to fund my contribution to our savings and Paul works to fund … More Europan Travel