100 Century Avenue (Shanghai, China)

For photographs and a breakdown of our trip to Shanghai, click here. We had read extensively about where to find the best view of Shanghai, but most involved standing on a crowded observation deck. We stumbled across the 100 Century Avenue bar at the Park Hyatt on Trip Advisor, and with an excess of positive reviews we … More 100 Century Avenue (Shanghai, China)

Lisbon, Portugal

Our first of twenty European cities this summer was Lisbon. I bought the flights for Paul as part of his birthday present, and soon enough our ‘little’ European trip grew arms and legs (we’re away for nine weeks again this year – the first five of those will be spent across various European countries and … More Lisbon, Portugal

Luang Prabang, Laos

The atmosphere was so different to anywhere we had visited so far – quiet, relaxed, and the people, locals or otherwise, were incredibly welcoming and warm. Luang Prabang is suitable to the size of Laos and absolutely minuscule in terms of land mass. It was beyond refreshing after several weeks of big cities swarming with … More Luang Prabang, Laos