Kandy, Sri Lanka

I’ve been using an old phone for the past week or so and rediscovered all of these photographs from my trip to Sri Lanka that I never got around to uploading to my site. I’ll be writing a full travel post for Kandy and how to get there from Colombo and Ella over the coming … More Kandy, Sri Lanka

2 Weeks in Sri Lanka – Costs, Itinerary and Getting Around

Last summer I spent two weeks of my summer travelling around Sri Lanka whilst collaborating with hotels and restaurants across the country. I used the public transport system and local drivers to visit six different locations in my thirteen full days there, seeing everything from the Indian Ocean from Mirissa’s beaches to elephants in Yala … More 2 Weeks in Sri Lanka – Costs, Itinerary and Getting Around

Kaema Sutra (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to have a complimentary taster session in one of Colombo’s culinary gems, Kaema Sutra. I liased with Shalini – the restaurant’s Senior Public Relations Manager – and before I go into any further details about this revolutionary restaurant and the genius behind it, I must say that Shalini … More Kaema Sutra (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Clock Inn (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

For photographs and a breakdown of my trip to Colombo, click here. Last week when we arrived in Sri Lanka, our first port of call was Colombo. We spent two complimentary nights in a hotel/ hostel, Clock Inn Colombo, which has partner hotels in Kandy and Dehiwala. Cost When I originally booked my Standard Double … More Clock Inn (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Ella’s Edge Resort (Ella, Sri Lanka)

For photographs and a breakdown of my trip to Ella, click here. Last June, Paul and I travelled to Sri Lanka for just over two weeks. During our time there, we visited the mountain town of Ella. With its rolling hills, hiking trails and plenty of restaurants, we loved every second of our stay there. … More Ella’s Edge Resort (Ella, Sri Lanka)

Clock Inn (Kandy, Sri Lanka)

One of the last destinations of our itinerary was Kandy, in central Sri Lanka. A bustling city located in the mountains, Kandy is a smaller and more of what I images before visiting Sri Lanka compared to the capital Colombo. We were lucky enough to spend two complimentary nights in a room at Clock Inn … More Clock Inn (Kandy, Sri Lanka)

Seaworld Resort (Mirissa, Sri Lanka)

During our time in Sri Lanka we were fortunate enough to receive a complimentary stay at an incredible hotel in Mirissa, on the country’s coastline. Located between the two larger areas of Galle and Matara, Mirissa offers all of the glorious beaches, luxury hotels and whale watching experiences whilst ensuring a quaint, charming experience for … More Seaworld Resort (Mirissa, Sri Lanka)

Ella, Sri Lanka

Of all the places we visited in Sri Lanka, Ella was the strangest combination of the most tourist concentrated and the most peaceful place we visited. When I initially started to plan our trip, Ella was one of the locations that struck me as one of the most incredible and untouched landscapes I had ever … More Ella, Sri Lanka

Yala, Sri Lanka

A few years ago when we were in Luang Prabang we went elephant riding at a sanctuary, and I have to say it is probably my biggest travel regret to date. When planning our trip for last summer I knew I wanted to go somewhere we could safari. Sri Lanka really does have it all, beaches, hiking … More Yala, Sri Lanka