I Got a New Job in Seoul!

After taking a much longer than intended hiatus from creating any content, I’m working on getting back into the rhythm of starting to venture out of my bubble and get back into building this website that once consumed my every day life. Settling into my life in Korea and starting a new job has taken a long time for me, especially considering the state of the world over the past year.

As I set this blog up initially as a travel website, being unable to travel outside of Korea has meant that my writing has come pretty much to a standstill. I’ve posted snippets of my life since I arrived in Daegu – almost two years ago now, which frankly blows my mind – but overall I’ve been pretty lazy with keeping up with this blog. I’m ready to change that, as I feel that I’m finally as a point in my life where I have balance.

If you’re keen to learn more about the personal changes I’ve made in recent months, then I delve a little deeper into them in this video I created today. I have some pretty significant changes coming over this summer, so if you’d like to keep up with those then I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed here or over on YouTube.

Working on myself has been my number one priority for the past few months, but I feel that I’m becoming more centered and settled every day and I’m ready to introduce things back into my life that truly bring me happiness. Writing has always been my greatest love, and I’ve really missed it. I’m excited for this new chapter of creating work that reflects the life I am living today. I will keep this website as a travel site and a place for me to share my video uploads, but more personal and lifestyle content will be posted on Instagram or YouTube.

For more travel posts you can subscribe to my website here, or for video content you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Stay safe and thank you for reading/ watching!

12 thoughts on “I Got a New Job in Seoul!

  1. Wow it’s crazy how similar our interests are!
    I’m glad that you liked my SearchAndFindLife blog, it got me over to your page and it’s awesome to see another vlogger/traveller/author.

    I haven’t explored Southeast Asia as much as yourself; but Thailand is so far my favorite place in the world and I look forward to seeing your take on that corner of it

    I am very much just getting started on the website side of things but seeing thousands of subscribers on your page is good motivation.

    Happy travels!

  2. Oh nice to see and hear you Caitlin. Glad everything is going well and your looking after yourself. Exciting news about your big move. Take care. X

  3. Good to see more insights of real life in Korea. Very enjoyable and glad that you feel comfortable to produce more videos. You definately covered the ‘three I’s’ here – It was Insightful and informed me more about a country I have yet to visit; it certainly Improved my level of understanding about the country and the challenges to relocate and take a big step and finally Inspire- yes, I realised its time for me to commit a little more time to my own blog . I do like to be creative and write a little once a week or so on my blog. Sadly it seems to be living up to its own name at the moment!!

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