A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand

One of my earliest conversations with a friend who has lived here in Korea for over five years was to give it at least three months until things started to settle. At two months, I (probably prematurely) made a video updating everyone on how life was going. Whilst my work life and home was together, I still felt a longing for home that I couldn’t quite come to terms with.

In these past two and a half months, I have finally come to not only accept, but to love my life here in Daegu. Not only am I growing increasingly passionate about my job, but I am building bonds and friendships with people in and outside of work.

As the new year unfolds, I am proud to say I am in this headspace after five tumultuous years battling mental health struggles. This year, I am focusing on all the wonderful things in my life, starting with the trip of a lifetime to Thailand with my mum. I’ve visited Thailand a few times in the last few years – you can see all of those posts by clicking here – but I can already tell this one is going to be different. I’m so exciting to document the entire trip and to see the country again through fresh, positive eyes.

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36 thoughts on “A Much Happier Update & I’m Heading to Thailand

    1. Trying to get everything together! I’m back to regularly posting now. If you’re not already I’d really appreciate if you subscribed to my channel!

    1. Really excited. I’ve been a few times but this will be my mom’s first time in Asia, so it will be a whole new experience for us both!

    1. It was really wonderful. Thanks for commenting! If you could take a second to subscribe to my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it.

    1. Glad you love it! My fourth visit, but can’t wait to go back and explore even more. If you could take a second to subscribe to my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it 😊

  1. Living abroad, especially at a place where the culture is so different than ours, is always a challenge! But I´m glad to see you are doing better than the last update 🙂 Have a lovely trip with your mom!

    1. Hi Greg, I’m still here in Korea. Only leaving the house to teach classes on Zoom then straight back home. How are things where you are?

      1. I live just three miles from the centre of the city, and quite near a major intersection. Normally there’s traffic noise from early morning to late at night, but everything is so damn quiet now.
        We’re still looking at empty shelves where the toilet paper and spaghetti used to be, but the major supermarkets revised their returns policy mid-March and that seems to have calmed people down. People will just have to work through their 500 rolls of floral pattern extra-soft!
        Western Australia hasn’t had many cases yet and I think maybe 20 deaths if that. But we’re heading into our cold season, of course, while the northern hemisphere is getting ready for summer. I doubt we’ve seen the worst of it.

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