NYC to Seoul with Korean Air

This video deals with the entire process of shopping for, purchasing tickets, the check in process and the in flight experience. I will delve into the flight experience and discussing everything from legroom dimensions to customer service.

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12 thoughts on “NYC to Seoul with Korean Air

  1. SIX hours sleep on a plane??? That’s what I dream about! I can never stay out for more than 45mins to an hour! I’m literally actually jealous I think! Very thorough review, I’m impressed by what you’ve shown!

  2. Nice video. When I was in the Army, I took an airline flight from San Francisco, CA to Korea during my first tour of duty. I can’t get enough traffic on my travel blog. What I like about yours Caitlin is that you have a YouTube channel. In my muliti media platform class, we are going to learn how to do videos and post them on YouTube. I can’t wait to get started.

      1. My website is a WordPress Premium and it doesn’t allow plugins unless I upgrade to business. Recently, I have been getting plenty of views from other countries. For the past two days I have been getting views from Mexico about taking a trip to Anaheim, California. I like for you to show me how to reach my target audience.

  3. BTW did you know until recently Korean Air refused to issue an e-ticket if your email address has characters such as an underscore? I had to create a new email address to just get ticketed…

    1. Very strange. Like I said, they had another odd policy that you couldn’t check in unless you had the card owner’s ticket at check-in, so I had to book mine through Delta!

      1. There’s a wide gulf in how Japanese & Korean companies do things. Once you get used to Japan it’s so much easier and staight-forward. BTW you do know you can get every one-way flight within Japan for $100 or so right?

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