An Honest 2 Month Update on Life in Korea

There’s not a whole lot to say in the description that wasn’t said in the video, but thanks to everybody who watches! Life here is going incredibly, but it is definitely not without its challenges. If you’d like to see more videos about my travels and time in Korea, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “An Honest 2 Month Update on Life in Korea

  1. Ohhh, I can feel your homesickness…I promise you your friends won’t forget you…once your home again, your just slowly get back to normal. It’s funny we actually liked Korea more after we got home….I know that sort of doesn’t make sense …We are going back next year…can’t wait for the soju… I think the kids are lucky to have you…and time passes so quickly…2 years will pass before you know it ..,one of my biggest regrets is not working overseas.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I love it here, and last night finally got to FaceTime with my brother and uncle which has made me so happy. Haha soju is incredible, and so cheap!

  2. Very interesting post and video 🙂 I use my blog also to communicate with others so, I understand you when you feel like you have to let yous thoughts out online.

    Hope you manage to make a decision about staying or not in Korea.

    Hope hearing from your adventures soon.


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