A Relaxing Sunday in Daegu

Today will be my last Korea vlog for the next week as I’m heading to Tokyo this weekend. Today I had a beautiful relaxing Sunday at the Daegu Arboretum with my friend Nicole, and we went for dinner at La Spezia afterwards. If you’re interested in visiting the Botanical Gardens, they’re around a mile from Daegok Station on the 1 Line and are completely free. There’s so much to see, and a mountain trail at the back of the gardens.

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7 thoughts on “A Relaxing Sunday in Daegu

  1. what do you shoot the vblog on? Is it your phone? sorry to ask such a boring question?

    Tokyo is amazing so you will have a blast! I dont know where to start – check out Akihabara as a district it’s awesome. You could try a maid cafe but ive been so many times to Tokyo and never had the courage to try one. The Miraikan is this futuristic museum which you might like, they have a real robot that does demonstrations several times a day which is the absolute highlight. there are so many gardens and districts. Ueno is great. ummm i cant even think! if you do a day trip, which in 3 days i dont imagine you’d consider, but Hakone is great. lots of parks worth visiting, the metro is amazing, i’ve a couple of posts on Tokyo, if youve the time. It’s a blast!

    1. Yesterday I shot on my phone but usually I use my Canon 750D. Not a boring question at all! Thanks so much for your recommendations.

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