Empty Apartment Tour in Daegu, South Korea

Hi everyone, welcome back! Sorry I haven’t posted in the last month but things have been so hectic. I moved into my new apartment three weeks ago and have been working to get myself settled in to my new life and job here in South Korea.

You can also see the finished makeover of my apartment by clicking here.

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20 thoughts on “Empty Apartment Tour in Daegu, South Korea

      1. I used to enjoy walking the campus of Kiemyoung University on the way to the school I taught at…nice walk. I used to like going up into the mountains…there was a place that had a chair lift that took people to the top…I don’t remember what it was called. There used to be a hamburger joint called American Hamburger too. This was over 20 years ago, so I wonder if they are still there and/or how they have changed.

  1. A couple of things.

    First, your apartment is very nice. When we did the same thing in Shanghai, the apartments were really old and fairly well used.

    Second, I emailed a friend of mine who worked in Daegu a few years ago. Try these furniture stores. Mirage, Illium and Evoque. They may have what you need.

    1. Thanks Terry, where in South Korea? I’ll be posting lots of content on my time here over the next year, so if you could take a second to subscribe I’d really appreciate it!

      1. Japan is brilliant. The job can be too, depending a whole bunch of factors. I worked for the company Interac and I’m not sure I would recommend them but they are HUGE. but you could get sent anywhere in the whole country which is a bit of a lottery. pay is not great but you can get by. if you go to my blog and search for ‘interac’ I have a whole series of posts on the experience. Culturally it’s amazing. often the level of English is surprisingly low. Japan is such a brilliant country I think it’s worth it just because you’re in Japan.I think JET is still a pretty good program. If you go with a smaller company research it really well, some are brilliant but some dont provide you with the level of support you need.

  2. Hi there, My son has worked as an ESL teacher and one of his favorite places is South Korea. I hope you have a wonderful experience! I love your apartment.

    1. Thank you so much for watching! If you have any tips for moms of expats I would love to hear – mine is having a bit of a hard time with it!

  3. There were two things that helped me the most. One was a consistent Skype Schedule where he would call me around the same time on a certain day of the week. It didn’t matter what we talked about to me. What mattered was being able to see that he was still alive and healthy. At times, when he might have a cold or something he’d mention, and I’d worry about his ability to get medical care, he’d tell me what was available and what he was able to do. He’d always take a native speaker with him to a doctor appt because then he was sure he was communicating exactly. He also would make short videos – one to two minute videos – of places he went and things he did. I was able to see the countries through his eyes and realize why he loved being there. The video of your apt reminded me of his videos. He always sent me a video when he would move and I could see where he was living and that he had everything he needed. The lack of a dryer bothered me, but he took it in stride and eventually so did I. When he comes home for visits, if he’s been gone for a long time, he has sort of a reverse culture shock, and it takes him time to readjust. I have to be patient. Just remind your mom that you’ve been living in a different culture and you’re readjusting. He says the wait staff in restaurants don’t hover like they do in America and he much prefers to be able to converse while he’s dining to being asked every five minutes if things are ok. Time will help her adjust and so will reassurances and frequent communication. Oh, one last thing. I believe you mentioned a “bullet train”. That was something I’d never heard of and once he explained the public transportation available, I was jealous. Just be patient and share and explain things as you learn them like bullet trains, so she knows you’re actually doing better in some ways. I hope things are going very well for you. I wish you much success.

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