Dublin to New York with Norwegian Air

This is part one of two posts I’ll be publishing on this topic, with the first installment being a vlog and personal review of the airline experience and the second being more in-keeping with my traditional airline reviews – that you can read by clicking here – that will go live next week.

This video deals with the entire process of shopping for, purchasing and going on a flight whilst comparing it to other airlines and highlighting the common misconceptions many have about flying long-haul with budget airlines such as Norwegian Air. I’ve also noted pricing for different tiers of Economy Class and what is included at each price point, as well as delving into the flight experience and discussing everything from legroom dimensions to customer service.

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7 thoughts on “Dublin to New York with Norwegian Air

  1. We’ve booked two Norwegian long-haul flights over the next few months and they will be our first with this airline. We have had some issues with some international full-fare airlines in the past and are becoming a bit cautious. We’ve had some positive feedback from friends and your contribution is very helpful. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you thought so. If you could take a second to subscribe to my YouTube channel I’d really appreciate it.

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