My Experience with Anxiety and Travel

This particular vlog is something I’ve debated for several months now on whether or not to make it and how to go about doing so. I’d like to preface it by saying that everything I talk about within the video are all examples of my personal experience with panic disorder and anxiety and I am fully aware and understanding that everybody’s experience with both may or may not differ entirely to my own.

With all that being said I feel I’ve learned a few key tools to help keep my head above water when I’m travelling which, though I absolutely love, can often be a trying time for me mentally. I truly hope somebody can relate to this post a little and can perhaps find a little solace in knowing that they’re not alone in their dealings with anxiety.

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11 thoughts on “My Experience with Anxiety and Travel

  1. As someone with Panic Disorder I have to say that this vlog really reached me on a personal level. It makes me happy how you have been taking anxiety on and winning. I enjoy your style. The way you are open, and try your best not to offend anyone. I find your vlog refreshing. Not to mention I like your accent. Please forgive me but….Scottish or Irish? (My name is Sean O’Connor, so they say I seem pretty Irish šŸ™‚ )

      1. Caitlin, I’m glad!~ Yes, I can understand. Hey, just so you know, for whatever reason the link you posted here isn’t working šŸ™ but of course I will subscribe

    1. Thanks so much Ray, I always appreciate your comments on any of my posts and have such respect for the site you’ve built!

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