Tips on East Asian Currencies & Managing Money While Travelling

This installment of the travel tips section of my YouTube channel – which you can subscribe to here – is all about how to navigate the many currencies of East and Southeast Asia. I also give my two cents on the benefits and drawbacks of carrying cash versus using your personal bank card or prepaid travel cards abroad.

In a few weeks I’ll be filming a video just like this on Europe and you’ll find out in the video above why. If you have any questions at all on anything mentioned in any of my vlogs or blog posts then feel free to ask away in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Tips on East Asian Currencies & Managing Money While Travelling

  1. Hi, I’m going to Bangkok and then into Cambodia and Vietnam on Tuesday and I’ve taken out only $60 because I was hoping to just take money out when I get there. Do ATMs in Cambodia give USD? And for Bangkok (I’m only there for one day) should I just take out money in local currency from an ATM or should I take money (either GBP or USD) to exchange?

    1. Hi! Yeah ATMs give out USD. I would just take pounds (English notes) with you and convert them at the airport once you arrive to save yourself in withdrawal fees! Also there’s a local bus that takes you straight to Khao San Road that costs £2 or so 😊

      1. Amazing thankyou! My friend gave me directions to get the air train to our hotel so I’ll probably take that. How do you make sure that you get English notes from the bank? And would you say I’ll need more than $60? I basically just wanted to take enough for the border crossing and a little bit to tide me over until I can find an ATM in Cambodia (sorry lots of questions, I’m v stressed)

      2. Just ask them at the desk in the bank and they’ll swap any notes for Bank of England ones! Nooo don’t be silly I wish I’d had someone to ask honestly! $60 will be fine just make sure you have enough for your visa ($35) some food and your transfer to Cambodia! And if you’re crossing by land just make sure if they stop on the way say you don’t want to buy your visa anywhere except the border and stand ur ground if they give you any grief

      3. No problem! Have the best time and if you could subscribe to my YT channel I would appreciate it so much! X

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