Ao Nang, Thailand

I’ve travelled to Ao Nang twice over the last few years, on both occasions as a stop between travelling between East and Western Thailand. On my first visit to Southeast Asia in 2015, we stopped in Ao Nang halfway through our ten week trip as a way to regroup and relax. When exploring the islands and beach locations along the Western coast of Thailand, it seemed like one of those less packed with tourists and particularly when compared to the likes of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket it was more peaceful, quiet and the perfect place to recharge our batteries before heading out on the latter half of our trip. We stayed at the iCheckInn which is around a fifteen minute walk to the beach, restaurants and clubs the first time around and travelled on to Kuala Kumpur on an overnight but thereafter.

Below: August 2015

Almost three years to the day later, I returned to Ao Nang this past summer whilst spending a month in Thailand. Unlike my first trip to the country, this time around I had no itinerary although there were several places I wished to revisit, Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi being two of them. I travelled to Ao Nang from Koh Phagnan by ferry and coach which cost 800 baht per person, and from there I travelled on to Koh Phi Phi for 500 baht.

Although it has been built up compared to when I visited last Ao Nang still gave me the same relaxed, less crowded vibe I was looking for after the chaos of the Full Moon Party. The beaches are picturesque, the sunsets are incredible and the nightlife is insanely good. Just as good as I remembered, and I’ll always make a point of going back anytime I’m in Thailand.

Below: September 2018

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18 thoughts on “Ao Nang, Thailand

  1. wow this is stunning! what other places would you recommend in Thailand?
    also i’m in love with your blog. <3<3 how do you keep it so gorgeous and organized?

  2. Haven’t been here yet, but I went to Khao Sok National Park 2 weeks ago – I think you would love it. It’s quite remote and not too touristy – especially at Cheow Lan Lake. A minimum 3 days 2 nights trip should be ok πŸ™‚

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