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With my impending summer travels fast approaching, along with both my graduation and birthday both arriving before them, I’ve begun to be asked what I’d like to take with me to help me save a little cash. Even if a person you know isn’t celebrating a holiday or their birthday, it’s always a lovely gesture to wish them a safe trip to give them a little something. One of my most cherished travel items was given to me by a best friend of my mum, a little travel pillow that unzips and has a blanket inside. Although such a small gift, I’ve taken it on all of my travels over the last four years and every time I use it, think of her.

Below are my top five recommendations for things to gift someone you know for their trip. I’ll provide links for all of the items, none of which are affiliates.

  1. Swimwear: Regardless of who you’re buying for, good quality swimwear is an absolute essential when you’re travelling. If you need to pack light, one quality piece is needed in terms of space, and if you’re travelling on a budget then investing in one piece that will last the duration of your trip is far better than requiring to repurchase during your trip. Swimsuits like this one from Hunke Moller (that I was very kindly gifted by the brand) are great investments.
  2. Luggage: I’ve used the same Trespass backpack for the last four years, for a total travel time of over six months. I got it on sale for around £40 (amazing for an 80 liter bag) and a free waterproof cover with it. This past Christmas I was gifted some beautiful new roller luggage by my mum, which I’ve attached the link for below. I have this small case, as well as a medium and large bag. Luggage is a great gift as not only will you know it will get used, but it can take a significant financial burden off of the person travelling when they’re planning their pre-trip budget. https://www.revelationlondon.comimg_5208
  3. Globes and Maps: Both of these options are a great and inexpensive gift for anybody who loves to travel. Nowadays you can find globes in each and every color to suit interior decor, and maps can come in frames, on canvas or as wall stickers. If you’re in the UK, I’d recommend popping in to a TK Maxx before ordering anything online as they usually have huge selections of globes on sale for anywhere from £4.99 to £59.99. https://www.maisonsdumonde.comimg_5209
  4. Portable Phone Charger: Again, I was gifted one of these before my first backpacking trip by my brother. It has saved me on more than one occasion, as much of the public transport across Southeast Asia does not have charging facilities. You can get these for under £5 if you shop around, but the one I’ve linked below is the prettiest one I found online and matches the suitcases. This may or may not be a hint to my brother.
  5. Travel Cubes: I personally have never used these, but last summer while I was travelling with a friend he bought them and recommended I get them for my next backpacking trip. Of course, they can be used for any style of trip, and are a great way of organizing your luggage. If you buy plastic ones they would be great for storing makeup or toiletries in case something burst in your bag. You can get them for as little as £10 from websites like Amazon and Boots.

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11 thoughts on “Gifts for a Travel Lover

    1. One half has a zip fastening and the other adjustable straps. They’re actually really great cases!

  1. Helpful. Thank you.
    I would also add some cute/efficient document holders, outlet converter (in case you’re leaving your usual zone) and a good beach/pool side book 🙂

  2. Agree with all but the suitcase. Hard rolling bags are not as flexible as a soft one. Used 2 Eddie Bauer rollers on 32 country/RTW family trip. Rolled it on streets, dirt grounds, cobblestone, etc. Really put it to the test. Overexceeded my expectations for a bag.

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