Alfieri9 (Florence, Italy)

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Last week I visited Florence for the second time, this time opting to stay a little further out from the historic centre in a small boutique hotel. The owners of Alfieri9 have three hotels in total across Italy and their other locations are in Siena and Rapolano.


Hotels in Florence are some of the most expensive I’ve come across in terms of quality for your money. Aflieri9 was the most budget-friendly hotel that I could find that was somewhat luxurious. There are room types that are cheaper than the €115 per night we paid and breakfast is included across the room bookings. For comparison, last time we stayed in Florence we stayed in a much more basic accommodation that came in at €75 per night in the middle of July and that did not include breakfast. Although it may seem pricey, I felt that the quality of the hotel was worth the price. The hotel has a 9.3 rating on and is pretty much booked out all the way through the rest of the year, so if you can find dates that are available then I would definitely recommend snagging it.


The interior design of this was what drew me to both look at and book it. I would describe the decor as eclectic while blending elements of classic and modernist design. Because of its location, entering the hotel very much feels like stepping into a home. When the door opened I was struck by the vastly high ceilings and light flooding in from a wall length window in front of me. Original flooring, cornicing (moulding for my American subscribers) and fireplaces were all features of the entryway. A selection of brightly coloured chairs and more demure tables were accessorised with what looked like bespoke lighting. The mix of prints and patterns were tied together with a constant colour scheme of black, white, greens and variations of golds. The large dining area to the right of the front door was followed by a glass wall separating the kitchen from the living and dining space, but still allowed guests to see and smell food being freshly made for the next morning’s breakfast. The room itself was much more stripped back, consisting mainly of white and variations of greys. A mixture of industrial lighting with soft, subtly printed furnishing and traditional whitewash wood all tied the room together wonderfully. I love staying in hotels that opt out of cookie-cutter design, and Alfieri9 definitely ticked that box.


The hotel is located on Via Alfieri, on the first floor of a residential building. The good thing about being in a residential area is that the streets around the hotel were quiet come early evening and the smell of home cooking filled the hall throughout the day. It faced onto a large park which was perfect for walking through with a morning coffee, and it gave me a better idea of what Florence outside of the tourist centre looked like. It did, however, mean that the hotel was quite a walk from the historic centre in terms of how close together everything else is. The Piazza della Signora was around a fifteen minute walk, while the Piazza del Duomo and Santa Maria Novella were an additional five each time.


There are three room types in this hotel, the Classic Room, Superior Room and Junior Suite that progress in price roughly £25 per night each time you upgrade. Because of the small different in cost between the Classic Room and the Junior Suite I opted for the latter. The room included amenities like a double wardrobe, safe and refrigerator and had a hairdryer in the bathroom. The bathroom was very spacious, with not only a large bedroom area and Juliet balcony but a large bathroom, too.


There really is not a lot to say about the hotel in terms of cleanliness, except that it was really clean. If you’ve read enough of my reviews you will know how particular I am about cleanliness, but everything from the hallway leading up to the apartment, the dining and eating areas and the actual room were all spotless.

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8 thoughts on “Alfieri9 (Florence, Italy)

  1. Well done! Very enjoyable read. I fell like I learned something I can actually use! Look forward to reading more of your content.

  2. Great review Caitlin. The Alferi9 looks right up my street. I’ve been to Florence twice. If I go again I’ll be looking for accommodation like this. Away from the main tourist spots.

  3. Good information to know! Another nice hotel outside the main touristy area of Florence is the Hotel Villa Betania. We were very pleased with everything there, the setting was beautiful and out of the way, and it was nice and quiet too, and included breakfast. We were able to walk to everything that we wanted to see in Florence, though it was longer than a 15 min walk. We stayed there last summer for two nights and it was less than $120 Canadian per night before taxes and fees. It is on the Viale Poggio Imperiale.

  4. I always enjoy reading about Florence. My mother was born/raised there. We have relatives in Rufina, so when I have gone I normally have a place to stay. However, as Rufina is outside the city, sometimes I want to stay “in Florence.”

    This past year I stayed in two different Monasteries, which were really very nice and economical. In fact, at the Monastery near Piazza Michelangelo, I met a very nice woman who I have become friends with. Go to, you’ll see some beautiful monasteries.

    Another hotel, downtown near the statioin is Hotel Paris. Great location, nice breakfast. So glad to hear you enjoyed Florence, for me it is a second home. 🙂

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