Catchpenny Safari Lodges (Elie, Scotland)

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During our time in Fife, myself and seven other bloggers from across the UK were granted a complimentary stay at the brand new Catchpenny Safari Lodges in Elie, a seaside town tucked away in the East Neuk of Fife.


Bookings for each of the identical cabin can be made in four night blocks, costing £420 plus a £100 refundable deposit. Each of the eight cabins sleeps six adults, which would mean the cost for each individual (if you booked the cabin at capacity) would be £17.50 per night plus their share of the deposit.


Because of how new the cabins are, the wood within them is still young, bright and fresh. It’ll take a few years for the wood to age and to give the cabins what I think will be an incredible rustic feel. Nonetheless, the decor of the units is eclectic, warm and has wonderful hints at Scottish history and culture throughout, from cow hide stools to touches of tartan. Each of the cabins are decorated individually, but ours had a theme of cream, browns and yellow throughout. With the natural light flooding in during the day and the sea clapping in the background, it had a bright, friendly energy that was immediately relaxing.


If you’re looking for a coastal break, then the location of these lodges is perfect. Overlooking the Fife Coastal Path, there are cycling, hiking and rambling opportunities up and down the East Coast directly on your doorstep. In terms of other places in the area, the lodges are a ten minute drive from Elie’s town centre, 25 minutes from St Andrews and 30 from Glenrothes.


This was my first time ever ‘glamping’, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amenities Catchpenny offered. The living area of the cabin is very open plan, with the bedrooms and shower room to the back of the unit. As you walk in there is a large reception area, with a large dining table in front of the wood burning stove to the right and a seating area to the left. If you’re planning on cooking on your visit, each cabin has a kitchen with gas hob and outside a large fire pit with removable grates so you can grill. The kitchens have all the utensils and crockery you could need and plenty of counter space to prepare meals.

The three sleeping areas are all very different, the smallest being the king size bunk bed which divides the living room from the bedroom with two single beds. Behind the kitchen is a room with a king size bed. There are plenty of blankets and hot water bottles provided for each of the beds, but it’s important to ensure there’s enough wood in the stove before you go to sleep at night if you don’t want to wake up frozen. The shower room is at the very back of the cabin, and is the only room in the house with an actual window (the rest are plastic with roll down blinds). bathroom situation at Catchpenny really exceeded my expectations, and toiletries and towels were provided during our stay. There is plenty of shelf and hanging space throughout the unit, as well as room to hide away suitcases and backpacks.

There’s a small deck to the front of the cabin overlooking the water, with plenty of grass around for kids and pets to play.


Once again, if you’ve read my previous reviews you’ll know how particular I am when it comes to cleanliness in the accommodations I review, but Catchpenny really was immaculate from start to finish.

My only qualm about this accommodation is that there are no plug points (although there are plenty of USB ports) and no WiFi, so unless you have a good phone connection you’re pretty much out in the sticks for the duration of your stay. However, it’s also for these reasons that I think Catchpenny would be perfect for a family or friends trip with all things electronic removed for a few days. You have the North Sea on your doorstep and a plethora of quaint Scottish seaside towns just a short drive away in every direction. There are golf courses around, distilleries to tour and farmers markets on most days of the week nearby.

I’d like to thank Alex and his team for the wonderful hospitality we received during our stay, as well as Fife Council for organizing such a wonderful weekend on the East Coast. If you’d like to learn more about the cabins, you can view their website here.

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