Brussels to Paris

If you’ve already read my full guide on travel across Central Europe, you’ll know that Brussels is one of the best hubs in the region and commutes between the Belgian capital and Paris are two of the easiest capital cities on the continent to commute between.


There are two trains per hour between Brussels and Paris, and if you book tickets far enough in advance you can get tickets from as little as €14,10. Looking now on websites like TheTrainline and EuroStar, tickets can be upwards of €75 if you book last minute, so if you’re planning to take this trip be sure to book in advance. Taking just over an hour, the trains are pretty luxurious, high speed and air conditioned. Of all the travel options, taking the train is by far the fastest from poi that A to B and if you can book tickets for less than €20, one of the most economical.


There are tons of different direct and indirect buses that can take between 3 and 11 hours. From looking online, the most economical and time efficient options I can find for this particular route are via FlixBus. There are tens of direct buses every day which take around 4 hours through their website, tickets for which begin at €8,99 and go up to €14,99. The great thing about booking the bus is that you’re guaranteed a seat, are taken from the city centre from one to the other and have outlets and air conditioning. Particularly in the summer when trains are often overbooked, it might be best to look into booking buses. You can look into booking tickets online by looking at the FlixBus website, here. 


Despite being an under an hour flight, the cheapest I’ve been able to find over the next few months is £41. If you’re not into travelling on public transport or aren’t keen on driving, you can read my full guide on how to book flights via Skyscanner here.

Private Car

Fees are often added when cars are pike up and dropped off in different location, so before considering booking a car to hire in be sure to look into these additional fees in advance. On comparison websites like AutoEurope you can book cars from £63. Drivers have to be between 25 and 69 years old and other fees like petrol and safety deposits will also be included. Of all the options, I would recommend this one least purely because of expense and the small distance between the cities.

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