Whether you’re travelling for two days or two months, having somewhere good to stay while you’re doing so is important. I think there’s a misconception regarding the cost of hotels, and that most people associate cheap accommodation only with hostels. The fact is that this just isn’t the case, and if you look closely enough you can usually find a pretty decent place to sleep without breaking the bank.

It all depends on two things: the first is what kind of accommodation you’re looking for. If you’re travelling solo then you’re more likely to want to stay in a hostel so you can mingle, but if you’re travelling as a couple then chances are you’re looking for something more private. The second is where in the world you’re travelling to. For example in Asia, accommodation in China and Singapore are significantly more expensive than the more popular tourist destinations between them. Likewise in Europe, Central and Northern Europe tend to be more expensive than places in the Eastern part of the continent. It’s important to do your research about costs of a destination as a whole before trying to decipher a budget for accommodation.

As a general rule of thumb, when we were travelling in Europe our budget was £35 per night for accommodation and whilst in Southeast Asia, it was £25. You can read an extensive list of hotel reviews, including prices, on the ‘Hotels’ tab of my website.

Since my first trip away with Paul, we have always used to book hotels. Because of this, we’ve built up what themselves refer to as ‘Genius benefits’ that include things like late check out, discounts and complimentary welcome drinks. The reasons we use this website opposed to its endless other competitors are lengthy, but the benefits listed above as well as the website being extremely easy to manoeuvre, customer reviews and photographs and detailed descriptions of how to reach hotels all contribute. You’re able to specify your nightly budget, amenities you want to be included in your room and distance from the city centre. All of these are included on other websites like or Trivago, but it’s just my opinion that Booking’s rating system, cancellation policy and how explicit they are regarding what costs are and aren’t included make it the best of the three to book hotels with.

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  1. Hah, I use them too for some of the same reasons. However as I recently wrote, you still need to do a little research on where you are staying as occasionally you still get lemons. Hope you had a great time. My next adventure is in two months.

  2. I usually use Trivago to search for the best prices of hotels. But I’min a love and hate relationship with Airbnb. At the same time that I had great experiences with it, I also had a few time where the host completely ignored our reservation. It’s quite tricky.

  3. I often use for hotels but not for hostels that often. Thanks for liking my post on Boston . I just subscribed to your blog and will definitely be looking at your posts, especially the airline reviews as I used to work for Delta and Malaysia Airlines . Thanks again , Caitlin .

  4. Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!:) I too use often for hotels and this post gave me a lot of insights on the kind of accommodation which I have to choose in my future trips 🙂 Would love to go through more of your work.

    Love, T.

  5. Helpful post. I’ve never used a site like directly. I often just use these sites for reference and then book directly with the hotel when we use hotels.

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