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There are a plethora of Indian restaurants in Glasgow, so finding ones that break the mould can come as a challenge. Tuk Tuk, opened last year on the city’s Sauchiehall Street, takes inspiration from Indian street food and its vendors. Using a small plate system, the restaurant instantly is set apart from other restaurants of its kind. Perfect for those who are keen to try new things in smaller (and cheaper) portions, for those with smaller appetites or for those who either like a bit of everything or are indecisive.

Located at the Charing Cross end of Sauchiehall Street, Tuk Tuk is on the doorstep of plenty of clubs, bars and theatres. It’s also easily accessible on public transport or on foot, and perfect for those on a lunch break. I was struck when I stepped inside, the simple facade was offset entirely inside with punches of bright artwork and hanging lights. The space is deep, with different seating areas on three shallow levels. I have to say I have yet to see an Indian restaurant decorated like Tuk Tuk in the city, and it was incredibly refreshing. Antiques are dotted around, light floods in from the sky lights and light wooden chairs and tables contrast with other textures such as cast iron and leather. One of my favourite features had to be the open kitchen, with the incredible smells of the food passing through the restaurant.

When I was invited last week to try out the restaurant’s Lunch Menu, I really wanted to put it to the test. The menu runs between 12 and 4pm every day, so on my hour’s break on Monday I headed up to give it a whirl. The Set Menu takes a selection from dishes from the Main Menu and offers you one roadside plate, two curries and a rice or naan for just £12. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options across the menu, but I would check it out in advance on their website to avoid and disappointment. Although I ate from the Lunch Menu I’ll be sure to include the prices that these dishes go for on the

The Drinks Menu offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, from teas and coffees to soft drinks and smoothies:

  1. Tuk Tuk Samosas (£4.30) – These were good sized samosas that were packed with vegetables and spices. They had a thin, crispy batter and were filled with peas and potatoes. Delicious, especially with the spicy yet sweet tamarind sauce to dip into.
  2. Bombay Chilli Chicken Curry (£5.65) – If you’ve read enough of my reviews you will know that I absolutely love spicy food. This sauce was spicy, filled with flavour and complimented the sweet naan so well. The chicken was tender, melting apart and easy to shred with just a fork. If you like spice I cannot recommend this dish enough, and the small portion size makes it a lot more manageable and enjoyable than a larger curry dish.
  3. Butter Chicken Curry (£5.75) – To offset the heat of the other curry dish I chose the mild, creamy butter chicken. The sauce of this dish was slightly thicker than the other, with hints of almond throughout the sauce.
  4. Peshwari Naan (£2.45) – This small portion of naan was perfect for one. It was sweet, doughy and perfect for dipping in the excess sauces from the curry dishes.

Believe it or not, I was in and out of the restaurant in under 25 minutes. The food was great quality, quick and great value for money. The restaurant itself was a great place to dine in; immaculately clean and so unique in its design. If you’re a fan of Indian and are in the Glasgow area I highly recommend trying them out. By far my favourite dish was the Bombay Chilli Chicken, purely because of the heat and flavour it packed.

I’d just like to thank the team at Tuk Tuk for having me in to review the menu and to send kudos to them for their charity partnership with SLA, a charity who supports and cares for vulnerable children in India.

Tuk Tuk Glasgow

426 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD.

0141 332 2126


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  1. Love good Indian food in any city. We visited Tuk Tuk Thai (no affiliation, I am sure) in Whakatane, New Zealand in 2014 and they came to our hotel to pick us up in a Tuk Tuk. After dinner, they took us for a tour down the strand. All free of charge. A very nice touch and the food was good, except I make a better Gang Massamun than theirs.

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