Ao Nang, Thailand

We stopped in Ao Nang on our trip to Thailand halfway our ten week trip as a way to regroup and relax. When exploring the islands and beach locations along the Western coast of Thailand, it seemed like one of those less busy with tourists. Compared to the likes of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket it was peaceful, quiet and the perfect place to recharge our batteries before heading out on the latter half of our trip.

We spent the day travelling from Koh Phi Phi to Ao Nang via ferry and then an open air mini bus. Tickets can be purchased from hotels, stalls and dedicated travel agents in all of the locations down the Thai coast, and we paid 350 THB (£7) for the half-day journey.



8 thoughts on “Ao Nang, Thailand

  1. wow this is stunning! what other places would you recommend in Thailand?
    also i’m in love with your blog. <3<3 how do you keep it so gorgeous and organized?

  2. Haven’t been here yet, but I went to Khao Sok National Park 2 weeks ago – I think you would love it. It’s quite remote and not too touristy – especially at Cheow Lan Lake. A minimum 3 days 2 nights trip should be ok 🙂

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