Florence to Milan

If you’re flying to Italy from the UK, often Milan is one of the cheapest places to fly to and from. Because of its location, you can easily travel east towards to Verona and Venice or south to Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. Although it differs greatly from Neapolitan cuisine, there are lots of wonderful restaurants in Milan like Dersett, which you can read my full review for here. Around the Piazza del Duomo there are plenty of rooftop bars with views of the Duomo, shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


The bus is by far the cheapest option (unless there are more than two of you sharing a car hire) between the two cities. On average, travel time takes four hours and tickets cost 6,99 to 13,99. Buses leave from the city centre of Florence and arrive at Lampugnano Bus Station which is five miles away from the Piazza Del Duomo, so it’s important to take into consideration the cost of a taxi or metro to your hotel from there. Click here to look up dates and times on the FlixBus website.


The cost and times for trains ranges quite significantly between Milan and Florence dependent on whether you book a speed or regional train. On the Trenitalia website, tickets range from €19,90 to €48,80 and trains can take from an hour and a half to five hours. For me, the best compromise is to pay €30 for a train that takes 1h40m. Although this is not the cheapest option, for me trains are always the best option for travel as they take you from the centre of one city or town to another, they are the most spacious option and give you the best views of the countryside. For the least expensive ticket prices on trains, I would recommend booking as far enough in advance as possible. Click here to search dates and times on the Trenitalia website.

Private Car

If you’re planning on spending any extended amount of time in Italy and aren’t a fan of airports or public transport, renting a car is definitely the way to go. The drive between Florence and Milan takes around four and a half hours, and you can drive through Pisa on the way. Some cities have LTZ (Low Traffic Zones) so ask your hotel to register your vehicle or you could be fined up to €60. You can pick up cars for as little as £14 per day with companies like Alamo and Enterprise, and pick up and drop offs can either be in the same city or different ones. Private transport allows you the freedom to decide when and where to stop and takes away the time pressure of making a flight or train. To rent cars in Italy you have to have a full driver’s license and be between the age of 25 and 69. See this comparison website to find out more about renting options.


There are no direct flights between Florence (or the closest airport Pisa) and Milan.

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6 thoughts on “Florence to Milan

  1. Just remember if you use a car some cities, including Pisa and Florence have LTZ (Low Traffic Zones). Make sure your hotel registers your vehicle, they did in Florence but not in Bologna thus we have a 60 euro fine as well as an admin fee from car rental company.

  2. Milan’s (the city I was born and in which I grew up) cuisine is very different than the ones of Naples or Florence. But at the end of the day Italian cuisine varies immensely, depending on the region you’re in.
    Milan offers the widest choices though, as you can virtually find any kind of restaurant, both Italian regional or from around the world.
    A must is to visit Luini’s, a bakery very near Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where you can have a stunning panzerotto (actually: don’t get just one, as the queue is very long and you’ll regret you didn’t buy at least two).

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