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Obsession of India is an award-winning Indian restaurant in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre. Before visiting it to review I had heard incredible things about it online, and just before I visited in late 2017 it had achieved Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. The thing that sets this restaurant apart from so many in Glasgow is the use of natural ingredients and the avoidance of artificial additives and preservatives in the food, and their emphasis on keeping their dishes health conscious. I’d just like to thank the team at Obsession of India for their wonderful service and for the opportunity to have a complimentary meal at their establishment for review purposes.


The walls of the restaurant have murals painted in tribute to India. One of the Taj Mahal, others of fresh spices and some of women in traditional dress. I feel that even the decor of this restaurant is different to many of the eat in Indian restaurants in the city, and it was refreshing to eat in a new environment. It is a large enough space that tables aren’t cramped, but intimate enough that even if it was packed you would be able to have a conversation with those at your own table. From the entryway all through the restaurant and into the toilets, it was evident cleanliness was high on the priority of the restaurant staff.

When we visited we ate from the A La Carte Menu, where starters range from £4 to £5.50 and main courses cost between £8 (vegetable dishes) and £16 (for king prawn options). The Lunch Menu is available between 12pm and 3pm from Monday to Thursday and offers two courses for just £6.95. There is also a Pre-Theatre Menu that offers 2 courses for £9.95. The time constraints for this particular menu are as follows; Monday to Wednesday between 5pm and 6pm, Thursday 12pm to 6pm, Friday and Saturday between 12pm and 5pm and Sunday from 4pm to 6pm. Each dish is made to order, so if you have any dietary conditions you can contact the restaurant via their website. It’s also worth noting that if you wish to have food delivered from Obsession of India, if you order direct from their website or phone to order you can save 25% when you spend £20 or more:

  1. Poppadums and Dip for 2 (£4) – Two large poppadums were served alongside three dips of mango chutney, spiced onion and mixed pickle. Even though I’m not a fan of pickles, the slight acidity of this particular dip was something new for me and I really enjoyed it. The mango chutney was sweet but not overwhelmingly so, and the spiced onions were a perfect balance of the flavours in the other two. This dish is also available for 4 at a cost of £6.
  2. Chicken Pakora (£4.50) – I can’t go to an Indian restaurant without ordering chicken pakora, but this dish was different to every single pakora dish I’ve ever had. The chicken was of such a good quality and was cooked in a light brown batter – not the pink/ red that I’m used to seeing. The sauce that accompanied the chicken was also new to me, but I was told by our waiter that this is the traditional method of cooking and dressing pakora. The level of quality of this dish compared to what I’m used to was evident from the look, touch and taste of the food. It wasn’t greasy and had great flavour that was brought out even more so with a splash of lemon juice. The accompanying sauce was slightly akin to barbecue sauce, but was not as sweet and a little more sour. Highly recommend.
  3. Chicken Tikka Shahi Kahari (£11) – The recipe for this particular dish is an exclusive of the chef’s. Chunks of chicken breast are marinated in a “secret sauce” and is served in a spicy tomato based sauce. I asked for mine hot, and definitely recommend not doing so if you’re not a lover of spice. The char of the chicken complemented the heat of the dish  wonderfully. I ordered a Peshwari Naan (£3.50) along with this dish, which was fluffy and light and packed with coconut flakes.
  4. Lamb Rogan Josh (£11) – This dish came highly recommended by the staff at the restaurant and is their best selling lamb dish. The dish is medium in terms of heat and can be ordered on or off the bone. The sauce is made from the broth of bone marrow which adds a sweetness to it and the lamb is slow cooked which makes it incredible tender. Even though I would normally never choose to order lamb out, the meat was succulent, tender and packing with flavour. Along with this dish we ordered fried rice (£2.50) that again differed in colour to many of those I’ve ordered in the past, using natural ingredients that did not result in the synthetic style yellow fried rice I’m so used to seeing.
  5. Gulab Jamun (£4.50) – I wanted to try a traditional Indian dessert, and as this one was made in house I opted for the gulab jamun. The are small donut holes glazed in cardamom syrup and served in vanilla ice cream. This was a lovely light dessert to end off the meal.

In all honesty, each time I eat out in Glasgow for Indian food again I’ll be reserving a table at Obsession of India. I cannot recommend the food, service and philosophy of the restaurant enough. The difference in quality of cuisine really has opened my eyes to how much better Indian cuisine can taste without all the additives and preservatives we’re so accustomed to eating. The décor was interesting, the food was incredible and the staff were so warm and welcoming.

Thanks so much to the team for allowing me to do this review and I look forward to returning.

Obsession of India

25 High Street, Glasgow. G1 1LX.

0141 552 0700



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      1. No worries! I think good indian restaurants can be hard to come by sometimes! The same as asian restaurants, but tbh I think we are quite lucky in Glasgow! xx

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