Florence to Rome

As two of the largest cities and tourist destinations in Italy, Florence and Rome are just a few hours from one another and have plenty of transport options to take you between them. Despite convenience or price, of all the modes of transport I will discuss throughout this post I would recommend taking the train for two reasons. The first is that the train route cuts directly through Tuscany and allows everybody travelling to enjoy the views of the Italian countryside. As well as this, the convenience of leaving from Florence’s city centre means you can walk from any hotel in the centre in under fifteen minutes and arriving at Roma Termini or Tiburtina means subway, local bus or taxi transfers hotels are easy enough to come by.

Private Car

If you’re planning on spending any extended amount of time in Italy and aren’t a fan of airports or public transport, renting a car is definitely the way to go. Some cities have LTZ (Low Traffic Zones) so ask your hotel to register your vehicle or you could be fined up to €60. You can pick up cars for as little as £14 per day with companies like Alamo and Enterprise, and pick up and drop offs can either be in the same city or different ones. Private transport allows you the freedom to decide when and where to stop and takes away the time pressure of making a flight or train. To rent cars in Italy you have to have a full driver’s license and be between the age of 25 and 69. See this comparison website to find out more about renting options.


Coaches between the two cities run up to fifteen times a day and cost between 7,90 and €17,99 depending on the time of day. Taking between three and four hours, the bus journey includes luggage storage and a toilet on board. The buses terminate at Roma Tiburtina which is also a train and subway station, allowing easy access to the city centre and hotels. Click here to find out more about booking tickets in advance with FlixBus.


Like the bus, there are several trains per day between these two cities. Some are express, some stop throughout smaller towns on the way. Although it is possible to purchase train tickets on the day from station desks and machines,  would recommend buying them in advance as Trenitalia have flash sales that mean sometimes tickets are discounted or buy one buy one get one free. On the Trenitalia website, ticket prices range from €16,40 to 17,90. Read more about train times and prices on their website, here, but enter cities in Italian (Firenze, Venezia, Napoli) or the site won’t recognise your travel route. For those who are Interrailing, I would recommend looking into purchasing a train ticket out with your Interrail pass to use it for more expensive routes.


The last option is to fly, however both Rome airports are around an hour from the city centre. Although the flight time is the shortest mode of transport of all the options, when taking into consideration transfer time and the period in the airport before the flight, it is not the most practical. Flights leave several times daily and every flight with AirItalia costs £60. If you’d like to learn how to use Skyscanner to book flights and compare their prices, read my full guide here.

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  1. I agree that train is the best way to get around. No waiting at airports etc and you get to see much more of the countryside. An additional bonus is the chance to meet people and practice your Italian!

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