Steak Cattle & Roll (Glasgow, Scotland)

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On Friday my mum and I paid a visit to Steak Cattle & Roll in Glasgow’s Merchant Square. We had a complimentary lunch, where we were able to try out the restaurant’s main menu along with some drinks. As well as Merchant Square, there’s another restaurant location on Sauchiehall Street.

Despite the name, the menu is accommodating to all kinds of food lovers. Their burger menu has three separate categories: beef, chicken and vegan, all of which are made in house from scratch with fresh produce. The burgers, as well as subs, wraps and hot dogs range from £7 to £12, whilst a steak will cost between £18 and £28 depending on the cut and weight. Also part of the main menu are an array of starters, salads and sides. A very reasonably priced menu, and the huge portions make it even better value for money.

As well as the main menu, there are kids and lunch menus. The children’s menu consists of a standard main, drink and dessert all for £5.50 while the lunch menu offers either a 4oz burger and sides for £4.50 or a 6oz burger with additional sides for £8.50 between 12pm and 4pm every Monday through Friday. These menus are perfect for casual lunches, for those with little ones and those on a stricter budget.

Being located in Merchant Square, Steak Cattle and Roll has an outdoor seating area, an indoor one and an additional one inside the square. This is the perfect set up for those looking for al fresco dining in Glasgow, as you can feel like you’re outdoors and still avoid the rain. Their interior design is cool, modern and sleek. There is a flow of wood and neon red lighting from the exterior, through the restaurant inside and out into the square. This design edge is echoed in the serving of their food and drink; their Freak Shakes are served in Kilner jars and their starts and lunch menu items served in wire baskets. All of these quirks are what stick in a diner’s mind, and it is these that then separate Steak Cattle and Roll from the other burger places in Glasgow.

With my meal I started with a pint of Morretti (£5) followed by an Am Bongo cocktail (£7.50), and my mum tried one of their popular alcoholic milkshakes, the Irish Lady (£7).

  1. Hot Louisiana Chicks (£4) – This is the first time I’ve ordered chicken on the bone in a restaurant, but these wings were both southern fried and smothered in Louisiana hot sauce, so I had to. The chicken was tender, the batter was crisp on the outside and moist inside but the sauce was my favourite part of this dish, spicy but with a sweetness that offset the sometimes overpowering taste of hot sauce. We opted for six pieces, but you can also order 12 for £7.50.
  2. Loaded Nachos (£5) – These nachos really were loaded. With guacamole, sour cream, heated cheese sauce, salsa and jalapenos, not only were there plenty of toppings, but there was plenty of each of the toppings. Sometimes when you order nachos in a restaurant there’s a handful of ingredients on top of them and after eating the first layer you’re out of toppings, but not in this case. You can add pulled beef brisket and pulled pork to this dish for £1.50 each.
  3. The Steak, Cattle & Roll (£12) – Being both the most expensive burger on the menu and sharing a name with the restaurant, I knew I was in for a treat when ordering this. The 9oz burger was made with freshly ground beef, so it crumbled and was bursting with flavour. On top of that was 4oz of well done rib eye steak, melted cheddar, pan fried onions and peppercorn sauce. This burger is perfect for meat lovers, rich in flavours and with so many differing textures. The onions bring both a sweetness and heightening of the flavour of the beef, the sauce is creamy and with a hint of spice and the meat is cooked so well it cannot be faulted. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you will know I’m not the biggest fan of red meat, but this burger was seriously incredible.
  4. Philly Cheese Steak (£9.50) – Served on a charred ciabatta roll, this sub is topped with strips 28 day aged rib eye steak fried in onions and red peppers, melted cheddar. The ratio of meat, vegetables and smokey ketchup and mayo meant the bun kept its shape and crispness. Like the burger, this was a huge portion didn’t need any add-ons like fries.

Overall I’m really impressed with Steak, Cattle & Roll. I was surprised how much their menu catered to those who didn’t eat red meat and how good value for money their menu is. Its three dining areas mean depending on what type of dining experience you’re looking for, whether it be al fresco, on a busy street or intimate and indoors you can have it. Their menu is broad enough in terms of items but concise enough in terms of categories that it’s easy to manoeuvre and make a choice. It was busy with couples, work colleagues and families which was an indication of its popularity across the board. Not only would I recommend it for food, but their extensive drinks menu ranging from beers and wines to dessert style alcoholic milkshakes and cocktails is definitely worth a try.

Steak Cattle & Roll

17 Bell Street, G1 1NU.

0141 258 6500.

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  1. Those burgers look incredible! 😩 Were they as delish as they look? And that dessert has actually brought a tear to my eye. I’m planning my next U.K. trip around this restaurant.

  2. All this food seems so tasty!😲 You definitely had a great meal based on how they look like. On my way to university I shall try this restaurant as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us now about it.

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