Paesano Pizza (Glasgow, Scotland)

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This time last week Paul and I tried about the much raved about Paesano Pizza in Glasgow’s city centre. I have to say I’m especially grateful for this opportunity as I know how popular the restaurant is, and so them finding time to squeeze me in for a complimentary meal is more than appreciated.

Proven popular with not only locals from Glasgow and its surrounding areas, during our visit we came across plenty of tourists – perhaps due to the restaurant appearing on the first page of TripAdvisors’ Restaurants in Glasgow recommendations. On the tails of the success of their Miller Street location, Paesano Pizza opened a second restaurant in the city’s West End this past April. Their combination of their traditional Neapolitan pizzas, simple menu and modern, trendy decor are the perfect formula for success.

Their menu is incredibly simple, but it should be known that pizza is their exclusive main course. It consists of eight starters come side dishes, nine staple pizzas and the option to add or remove ingredients to each of those pizzas. They also offer a specials menu, which their manager let me know was aimed to be renewed every week. Two desserts are included on the specials menu, which change weekly with the rest of the menu. Although a subtle detail, I always find that restaurants with a specials menu produce greater dishes than those who don’t due to the chefs being able to flex their creative muscles in the kitchen. You can see the menu on the Paesano Pizza website, or see the specials menu that was offered at the time of my visit in the photographs below.

The drinks menu is equally as simplistic as the food; with an array of wines, international bottled beers and Moretti being served on draught by the Schooner – less than a pint, so by the time you get to the end of it it’s still cold. We had draught Moretti (£4/ 379ml) during our meals and then a glass of Fruili Pinot Grigio (£5/ 175ml) with our desserts.

  1. Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes (£5) – To start we shared this beautifully presented cheese and tomato dish. Buratta is a blend of mozzarella and cream, so it has the taste of mozzarella but is lighter and (naturally) creamier. Seasoned with olive oil and presented on a bed of halved cherry tomatoes, this light starter was the perfect prelude to a meat topped pizza. The cheese has a richer, but by no means overpowering, taste than mozzarella. Against the acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes it was a perfect stabiliser for the palate.
  2. Cerignola Verdi Olives (£2) – A generous portion of large Cerignola olives were served in olive oil, mild in flavour with their pits intact.
  3. Pizza Spianata Spicy Salami (£7) – All of the restaurant’s pizzas are wood fired at 500 degrees in a Naples made pizza oven. The crisp crust and a thin, soft base make the perfect bed for Paesano’s pizzas. This tomato based pizza is topped with mozzarella, olive oil and thin slices of Spianati salami. The meat used on this dish is of a great quality; flavoursome, crisp at the edges and lacking any signs of excess fat sometimes found on cured meats. This particular pizza was incredibly like some of the pizzas we have previously tried, and a perfect choice for those who are looking to try something new but don’t want to stray too far away from the likes of pepperoni pizza.
  4. Pizza Chorizo and ‘Nduja (£8) – I opted for one of the pizzas on the specials menu. Finely chopped chorizo with ‘nduja, a spicy pork salumi, a tomato base and Fior de Latte mozzarella. I opted to add extra chilli to my pizza (£0.50) which is great for those who, like me, like everything they eat to have some kick to it. Having so many elements to it made eating this pizza all the greater; a combination of heat with the sweetness of tomato and the creamy mozzarella.
  5. Pear and Blueberry Tart (£4) – One of the two desserts on the specials menu, this moist, airy cake slice was moist with the most subtle hints of pear and blueberry. Hints of almond were also present through the tart and the creamy vanilla ice cream served alongside made the dish even more delicious. This is the perfect desert for those looking for something light after their meal as its both light and subtle in flavour.
  6. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tart (£4) – Much denser than its counterpart, this dish is a dream come true for Reese’s Pieces lovers. A creamy dark chocolate and peanut butter blend meant although the tart itself was relatively heavy, the taste was an equilibrium of sweet and salty.

Having stayed in Naples for over a week last summer and extensively exploring its food culture, I can testify that their pizzas are authentically Neopolitan. The subtle taste of wood on the dough, rich tomato base and flavour rich toppings make a testament to the traditional cooking style. Its simple but to the point menu is inclusive of the meat lover, the tomato loather and the vegetarian alike. The sides compliment each of the pizzas well, as do the drinks list. The specials menu offered pizzas that didn’t stray too far from the core menu and offered wonderfully creative additional choices. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly incredible, authentic and affordable food.

Paesano Pizza:

94 Miller Street, G1 1DT.

0141 258 5565.

Please note Paesano have a no booking policy.

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