Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are two of the most impressive cities in Southeast Asia, and commutes between the two cities is cheap, quick and easy. Kuala Lumpur tends to be cheaper to fly to from Europe and specifically from Scotland (see my cheap summer flights post here).

Both cities are brimming with modern architecture, nods to the religious tradition of the region and incredible restaurants and bars. If you plan on visiting one of these cities, I truly cannot recommend visiting the other even if just for a day. You can see my full posts on both cities on my ‘Destinations’ tab, here.



The one hour flight between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is the equivalent from flying from Glasgow to London, but is significantly cheaper. You can fly every day, with tens of flights daily, from as little as £10. There are direct rail and bus links between KLCC and KLIA, and the metro system in Singapore travels directly to the airport. To look further into booking flights through Skyscanner, you can read my full guide on how to use the website here.



There are three seven-hour trains every day between both cities, one leaving early morning, one in the afternoon and the last in the evening being an overnight train. The cheapest train leaving from KL Sentral costs just 45 SGD (£26) for an adult and 33 SGD (£19). The best thing about the overnight train is that you can save on accommodation costs for a night, which is significantly helpful particularly for those travelling on a budget. From personal experience, I would recommend bringing cash instead of using a card to pay for the train fare as when we took the train their machine was broken and we had to end up booking a last minute flight.


Buses between these cities take around five hours and cost as little as £10. Although this is strangely close in price to flights, the convenience of taking a bus from KLCC to the heart of Singapore may appeal to some instead of travelling out to airports and waiting for security and boarding. More often than not, the time taken for this bus will be roughly equal to that of flying. See more ticket options through Easybook, here.


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