Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok marks the start of the second part of our trip, the more typical young backpacker destinations. We arrived at around 8am by train from Chiang Mai, and got a taxi downtown to our hotel (taxi drivers and the taxi service inside the airport try and charge a ridiculous amount – just choose a meter taxi and it shouldn’t cost you half of what they ask – we were told 800, and then 600 baht and the fare ended up at 213).

Our hotel is located on Khao San Road – undoubtedly the best location in Bangkok for backpackers, it and the street parallel are lined with shops, restaurants and bars and the night market takes place here too. Our hotel, Khao San Palace, costs £19 per night and has a rooftop pool and bar.

The atmosphere here is impossible to describe; as soon as we got out the taxi and started to walk into the street I could feel the excitement building and there is so much to take in with people, street performers and blaring music everywhere you turn.

We had several days up at the pool and we explored the night market in the evening. We always intended for Bangkok to be a place to recharge our batteries, so there’s not much more to report!


15 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Nice your right in the heart of the backpacking district… It’s a rush isn’t it? Take my advice though the real Bangkok isnt there it’s in the local streets and bars. Hope you have a great experience – a wandering memory

    1. Thank god for the rooftop pools – I couldn’t cope. Did you stay on Khao San Road? We never really done anything while we were there, so we’re going back for a couple of days this summer

      1. We stayed just two seconds from it at the Rambuttri hotel. You defos have to go back, the temples and everything there and so nice! Only thing was that so many people tried to rip us off there so had to keep our wits about us way more than anywhere else. If you’re back in Thailand or SE Asia for few weeks then make sure you go to Ko Samui!

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