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If you follow my Cheap Flights series (if not you can read the latest instalment here) you’ll know Milan often crops up as one of the cheapest places to fly from Scotland. Because of its location, its the perfect starting point for an Italian trip or to spend a few days eating, shopping and sightseeing in. You can travel south towards Rome (read how to travel between the two cities here), Florence and the Amalfi Coast or east towards Verona and Venice.

Private Car

If you’re planning on spending any extended amount of time in Italy and aren’t a fan of airports or public transport, renting a car is definitely the way to go. The drive between Milan and Venice takes around three hours, cutting through Verona and Padua around the halfway mark. Some cities have LTZ (Low Traffic Zones) so ask your hotel to register your vehicle or you could face a fine. You can pick cars up for as little as £14 per day with companies like Alamo and Enterprise, and can pick up and drop off in different cities, too. Private transport allows you the freedom to decide when and where to stop and takes away the time pressure of making a flight, train or bus. To rent cars in Italy you have to have a full driver’s license and be between the age of 25 and 69. See website like this to find out more about rental options.


Buses leave almost hourly from Milan to Venice, taking roughly four hours and costing between €7,99 and €15,99. There’s marginal difference in time between the bus and train, however the bus is significantly cheaper when booking last minute. The bus leaves Milan from Lampugnano Bus Station which is around 5 miles form the Piazza del Duomo, so it’s important to take into consideration the cost of a taxi or metro from your hotel to there. 


There is a huge span in ticket prices for this route, from 20,70 up to 84 dependent on whether you book a high speed or local train. If you’re planning a trip in advance, I would book your tickets as early as possible to get the cheapest price. The train takes between two and a half and three and a half hours and takes you from one city centre to another. Frecciarosa trains in particular are spacious, air conditioned and pretty luxurious. Trains give you incredible views of the countryside and have WiFi access, so if you can get a ticket for the right price it would definitely be my recommendation to take this option.


Direct flights between the two cities cost as little as £18, but the entire time taken to get to and from airports, through security and the actual flight means taking both the bus and train would be a quicker option. If you’re certain about flying, you can read my full guide on How to Use Skyscanner here

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3 thoughts on “Milan to Venice

  1. “There is a huge span in ticket prices for this route, from €20,70 up to €84… I would book your tickets as early as possible to get the cheapest price”.

    Sound advice. Did exactly that for our Milan – Venice trip back in 2017 and got tickets for high speed trains around €20 per adult on the first day they became available. Bear in mind that you can book Italy train tickets up to 4 months in advance and Milan – Venice is a very popular route so the cheapest tickets disappear quite quickly.

    1. Totally agree! My friend messed up our flights and we had to book the route last minute (in hindsight we should’ve just taken the bus) and it cost us a small fortune!

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