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I’ve flown with British Airways on a number of occasions in Asia, Europe and North America with both short and long haul flights. The first time I flew intercontinental I wanted to choose an airline that had an extremely reliable reputation, and afterwards most of the long haul flights I’ve taken have been with them, too.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, British Airways have a great scheme when it comes to rewarding customers. The points system goes on miles flown, and have to be registered online within three months of the flight in order to receive the rewards. I’ve figured that for each of my long haul flights, I am able to fly two flights from Glasgow to London absolutely free. For more frequent flyers there are plenty of additional benefits and different clubs tiers to climb.

In terms of staff, both ground and cabin, I’ve never used an airline that has better service than British Airways. They are incredibly attentive, ensure they go the extra mile and ensure they do their best to do the most so you enjoy your flight. The check in process was seamless, is always served with a smile and plenty of direction with regards to the flights and any connections. The cabin staff make flying with BA an absolute pleasure, regardless if the flight lasts 45 minutes or 14 hours.

For short haul flights, a light complimentary meal is given – although recent reports are that these shorter flights will stop distributing free meals and drinks – along with complimentary soft and alcoholic drinks. I’ve never had any limits placed on complimentary drinks, regardless of flight time. Morning flights usually consist of a croissant and orange juice while afternoon and evening flights serve paninis and baguettes. Longer flights have two separate meals as well as several rounds of drinks, again no limits are really placed on complimentary drinks. Most of the main meals I’ve had have been of a pretty high quality, steak and beef and chicken breast and vegetables. Cheeses, breads and crackers are served on the side along with a salad, fruit and dessert.

British Airways flights are spacious, clean and comfortable. Most of the larger flights are in a 3-4-3 formation and each seat has an entertainment system in front with up to date movies, television and games that can be played alongside other passengers.  The baggage allowance is generous, whether you’re checking it or bringing it on board with you. A small suitcase and a handbag or briefcase is allowed, or to check baggage each bag can weigh up to 23kg. Economy Class is good value for money, especially if you book in their bi-yearly sales, but the option to upgrade to Business of First Class is quite a jump financially. However both include more cabin staff per passenger, in flight perks and extra baggage allowances.

BA are an absolute pleasure to fly with and if you’re flying for any length of time I recommend using them, or an airline of the same calibre such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates or Etihad Airlines for the service, space and peace of mind when travelling long haul.

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