Dublin, Ireland

I’ve visited Dublin twice – once with my family and once with my best friend. The city is so beautiful – I find it to be much like Glasgow: green, full of friendly people, and best of all full of pubs. The famous Temple Bar is not to be missed – the atmosphere is electric, exciting, and everybody is there to have a good time. The open top bus tours run by the city are exceptional – although a little expensive. Both times I stayed in a town called Swords just outside of Dublin – where the airport is located. I stayed at a hotel called 44 Main Street (see photos) and my double room cost about Β£70 each night – although seemingly expensive, it was well worth it as the rooms were amazing. The famous Wright’s Venue is also in Swords – a four story club with an amazing reputation. Drinks were €5 a go and entry was ten, and we were advised to ask for a vodka and dash of juice so drinks weren’t anymore expensive. The club was amazing. The shopping in Dublin City was much more than I ever expected it to be; I was particularly impressed by their three story Topshop (my credit card was not).

I’d go back for a weekend in a heartbeat; the architecture is stunning, the history rich and the atmosphere contagious. It’s a mere hour on the plane from Glasgow, so if you’re visiting the UK I highly recommend you work in a visit or if you’re from the UK its worth jumping over! Ryanair do deals periodically and you can muscle a return ticket for Β£19.98 – amazing!


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  1. Thank you for sharing! Dublin is on my next-five-years Bucket List! I am in love with it and have NEVER heard anything bad about it. You inspired me to start planning my trip again. I love this post! Happy travels!

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