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My single experience using Hong Kong Airlines was in July 2015 travelling from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Air travel, as we came to learn, in the North East of Asia is nowhere near as cheap as its southern counterparts. The sheer size of China, however, means that trips from one city to another can take several hours. Although the flight lasted only just over two and a half hours, it cost us 705 HKD each (£70 at our time of travel) including 20 kilograms of checked baggage in Economy Class. Hong Kong Airlines was the cheapest airline for us to travel with this route on this day, but there are several other airlines that fly in a similar price range such as China Southern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Dragonair.

The company has a stunning lounge at Hong Kong International as well as an array of member privileges and pout schemes.

According to Skytrax, Hong Kong Airlines rates as a 4 star airline and on average rates a 6/10 from customers. From our short flight I’d have to say I agree with the former, but would probably rate it an 8 or 9 out of 10 for a range of reasons. The check in and boarding processes were both seamless. Before boarding our plane we were offered a range of newspapers from all across the globe, and again once on the flight. After being seated, the cabin crew passed out hot towels for our hands and face. I’ve read plenty of reviews calling the staff “uninterested” and “terrible”, but the truth is we never experienced anything like that.

We were given a complimentary meal during our flight, which because of the time was a late dinner. We had chicken and potatoes with vegetables, soft drinks and afterwards were given a selection of teas and coffees. As aeroplane food goes, the meal was actually pretty nice and tided us over instead of having to foot the bill for airport food.

We were taken good care of in-flight, being checked on regularly and helped out with our visa on arrival sheets. The seats were pretty compact, but thankfully we had a spare seat beside us and were able to stretch out. If not, I’d imagine the flight would have been pretty uncomfortable. The seats were fitted with television screens, on which were up to date movies, music, games and television shows.

I was impressed with Hong Kong Airlines overall, but am unsure whether or not flying for any length of time with them would be as pleasant as our short flight. Our flight was relatively quiet, so I’m unsure whether that’s the reason behind our feeling attended to or not. The hand towels and newspapers were a nice touch, and we found the food, entertainment and staff both on board and on the ground nothing but pleasant. A definite contender if using air transit in the East Asian peninsula.

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