5 Things to do in Hong Kong

I’ve written an extensive blog post on Hong Kong, but if you’re looking for a quick summary of what to do in the incredible city then look no further. We spent four days two summers ago and packed tons of free activities into our itinerary. Hong Kong has plenty of skyscrapers, but what I found to be more impressive was the abundance of natural beauty in the city, and this list will help you strike a perfect balance between the two.

1. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery: Located in the Sha Tin district of the city, the monastery stands atop a mountain of stairs lined with individually ornate Buddhist figures. There’s no admission fee, but several places to make donations. There are several mausoleums in which no attention to detail has been spared. Peaceful and far removed from the mayhem of the Central Banking District, the striking contrast of tradition and modernity is a must see when visiting the city.

2. Victoria Peak: You can either walk or hike to the highest point in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak. From the top you have unobstructed views of the entire city, weaving around the harbour. There’s a mall with tons of restaurants at all price points, as well as places to shop. Go for sunset to see the city both during the day and all lit up from the sky.

3. Disneyland: Opened in only 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island just a short while away from the city centre. The smallest of all the Disney parks, the queue times are a fraction of what we experienced in Disneyland Paris.

4. Victoria Harbour: The Harbour separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. On the Kowloon side of the water there are an endless supply of both high street and designer stores, galleries and museums. You can take a ferry across the harbour or there are plenty of seating areas along its banks to take in the exquisite view.

5. Tian Tan Buddha: Also known as the ‘Big Buddha’, this is one of the most iconic sights in Hong Kong. You can travel by cable car to the Buddha with a glass bottom floor, giving you views of the island both around and underneath you.


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  1. I lived in Hong Kong for six years, mostly pre-handover. I read this post and the one from February. Where is CBD? There are two real business districts in Hong Kong, both on the island. One is Admiralty, which is mostly banking and where you board the funicular tram to The Peak. The other is Central which is just to the west of Admiralty.

  2. Great post, I’ve saved it for when I visit! Thank you for checking out my blog, feel free to share it with your followers, and hit the follow button!

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