Palace of Versailles, Paris

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Our Sunday in Paris was spent at Le Château de Versailles, and as an art history student this was my idea of heaven on earth. The gloriously ostentatious palace was created under Louis XIV’s rule and embodies everything it meant to be wealthy during his dynastic rule. Nowhere has any attention to detail been spared, from the unfathomably grand entrance hall, the private church or indeed any one of the bedrooms. World famous sculptures and paintings are displayed within the palace, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s bust of Louis XIV.

The photographs are no comparison to seeing the building in person, and the sheer size of the building and its decadence are unlike any building I have ever seen. If I could recommend any single thing to see in Paris it would undoubtedly be Versailles. It possesses such otherworldly grandeur that is no longer created in our modern, democratic world. From the frescoes to the facade to the floors, Versailles is in itself a glorious work of art that everyone should experience.

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