Seasonal Ski Festivals

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Regardless of where you’re interested in skiing in the Northern hemisphere, you can find seasonal music festivals across the world for all budgets, skiing abilities and music tastes in resorts across Asia, Europe and North America. For this post I’ve partnered with Admiral Insurance to demonstrate their brand new Ski Festivals Finder tool, which helps you choose festivals best suited to your geographical, musical and financial preferences.

Before using this tool myself, I always assumed skiing to be extremely overpriced holiday, but thanks to the tool I’ve realized that you can attend these festivals from as little as £249 for five nights of accommodation plus entry to the festival, leaving just the cost of flights, transfers and hiring skis or snowboards – unless you have your own to bring.

The Ski Festivals Finder tool asks the five simple questions above to create suggestions of where best would suit you for your ski break. To arrive at the recommendation of the Snowbombing Festival in Austria, I answered the questions as follows:

  1. Europe
  2. Electronic and dance
  3. Under £1500
  4. I’m just here for the festival
  5. Party atmosphere

The results show the dates of the festivals, how previous guests have rated both the party and skiing activities and the cost of a pint as a gauge of how expensive or not each location is to visit. From there you can search flights for the appropriate dates, use the festival’s official website to book tickets and accommodation and look into transfers from the airport.

As it was recommended for me, I looked further into the details of Snowbombing to see who was playing, what kind of accommodation was offered and how much it would cost for me to get there. The nearest larger airports that serve the town of Mayrhofen are Salzburg and Munich and transfers from both start cost £39. Flights from the UK are pretty costly, costing around £250, but the festival has officially partnered with British Airways to offer attendees 20% off their airfare. Tickets and accommodation prices start at £249 for all five nights. Flights, accommodation and entrance to the festival come in at around £500. Of course you’ll need to consider spending money for food and drink, but for a five-day skiing trip, this is more than reasonable.

Below, you can see other examples of festivals that were recommended by the Ski Festival Finders tool. Let me know in the comments what festival was recommended to you and if you have any recommendations of the ones shown from the tool!

As well as this tool, you can use the Admiral website to look into their Winter Sport Insurance quotes which includes lost, stolen or damaged equipment coverage, piste closure, illness or injury, replacement equipment hire and delay caused by avalanche cover. See the Admiral website for more information.

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