The little blog that could

I am incredibly proud and thankful to say that today I reached one thousand WordPress subscribers on my blog. I suppose a whole lot of people would read that and think not a lot of it, but I absolutely love celebrating milestones like these and would just like to write his to thank everyone who follows, reads, comments and likes on my posts. I started this purely as a way of letting family know what I was getting up to on my travels but over the lest few months I really have enjoyed fleshing the website out into what I hope is becoming a more informative and helpful one. I am so excited about all of the incredible things that have come as a result of this blog and am even more so to continue building and working on it. Thank you thank you!

15 thoughts on “The little blog that could

  1. Congratulations! I’m closing in on that milestone as well, and really looking forward to it (20 more to go and counting down 🙂 ). Well done with a great blog!


    1. Well my first year of blogging I never really shared anything or networks and had around 150 followers, but in the last three months or so I’ve really pushed it and been trying to flesh it out 😊

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