100 Century Avenue (Shanghai, China)

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We had read extensively about where to find the best view of Shanghai, but most involved standing on a crowded observation deck. We stumbled across the 100 Century Avenue bar at the Park Hyatt on Trip Advisor, and with an excess of positive reviews we decided to give it a go.

The Hyatt lies on the 93rd to 97th floors of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, the second tallest building in the city. The bars and restaurants make up the lower two floors and can be accessed by a side entrance, followed by two elevators.

Proving to be a well kept secret, only a handful of other guests were inside. The Park Hyatt website describes its premises as five star, and I would have to agree. A stage was set up in the centre of the dimly lit red room, and surrounding it was a combination of lounging areas and set tables. Each seating area was sectioned off from the others so we had privacy, but could still see the bar and band in the centre. Two of the four walls were made entirely of glass, giving incredible views of the city below. At several points during the evening the clouds masked the view, a haunting reminder of how high we were.

In terms of the drinks, in hindsight I should probably have stuck to beer. The cocktail menu was extensive, ranging from £10-£15 per drink. They offered an enormous range of champagne, wines, beers and liquors. Of course there were expensive items, but if you didn’t want to break the bank you wouldn’t have to. I ordered a Cosmopolitan which was pleasant enough, whilst Paul played more safe and ordered a frozen strawberry daiquiri which tasted somewhat better than mine. In saying this, to be honest we didn’t really visit this bar for the drinks, and we were happy sipping our less than average cocktails for the view.

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