Ca’ del Cinema B&B (Venice, Italy)

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We booked this hotel through where it has a 9.4/10 rating. For two nights in a Standard Double room it cost us £173, which was pretty typical of hotels around the late July period in which we visited.


The owner’s personal taste is evident throughout the space, particularly in the bedrooms and their en suites. Compared with the relatively old fashioned living and dining space, the rooms were bright, white and decadently dressed. It is typical Venetian glamour with a very modern and crisp twist. The rooms were generously spaced and filled with an eclectic selection of furniture that worked incredibly well together.


The hotel was around a 10 minute walk from St Mark’s Square and closer to twenty from the train station. The most time consuming part about the commute between this B&B, and I imagine many of the hotels in central Venice, is weaving through streets that suddenly end and finding your way across a canal. To say I would have preferred a hotel closer to the Grand Canal is a slightly empty threat as Venice is so petite when compared with other Italian cities, walking around it in its entirety is hardly a monumental task. There were shops and restaurants close by, and all the major tourist attractions were easily within walking distance.


We stayed in a Standard Double Room, which was really spacious with an en suite. It had a brand new air conditioning system, three sets of drawers, a wardrobe and so on. It had everything you would need, and Francesca made sure we knew if we needed anything else such as a cork screw or adaptor she would be able to find one for us. Breakfast was included the price, as were complimentary drinks in the reception area.


The entire place was immaculate, even the courtyard you walked through to enter the building. It was entirely evident the owner takes pride in her business; everything was fresh and unmarked and it was a true pleasure to stay with her.


The owner, Francesca, was an incredibly lovely woman who sat with us and crossed off every possible sight we would want to see on a map. Her and her husband stay on the top floor of the B&B and when we were visiting they had company over in the communal living room, welcomed us in to chat and have drinks with them. As far as hosts go, Francesca is by a long way the most pleasant I have ever encountered.

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  1. Sounds delightful 🙂 I love to stay in places where the owner really cares about making your stay special and memorable, it makes all of the difference. When I was in Naples I stayed in a hostel where the owner was very similar, he gave every guest a map and talked us through the safe areas and where all of the sights were – it was awesome!

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