Kuta, Bali

Our second last week was the ‘holiday’ at the end of our holiday – a week in Bali.

To say Bali was everything I expected would be selling it short – boasting stunning hotels, beaches, and an impressive nightlife. However, the people are charming, helpful, and welcoming – a refreshing group of qualities after travelling to so many places. Perfect for families, those splurging or two young backpackers – Bali had the lot.

The majority of our time was spent, as planned, lying at the pool soaking up the sunshine. Our hotel, Villa Diana, was located in Seminyak just outside of Kuta – a stunning hotel with exceptional staff and an expectional price (ยฃ127 for six nights including breakfast and airport transfers).

We rented a moped for ยฃ2.50 a day which allowed us to drive around and explore areas surrounding Kuta. Indonesia just celebrated their Independence Day as we arrived, so the streets were decorated in flags and posters and it was wonderful to see the areas far away from the tourist trails so evidently proud of their nation.

7 thoughts on “Kuta, Bali

  1. One of my top 5 destinations to visit! I checked out the blog you recommended on the meet and greet and loved it! The pictures on your blog are stunning! I love the overall look of your blog and can’t wait for these beautiful images to flood my reader. Thanks again for participating in the meet and greet!

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