This morning I woke up to discover (not really discover, I’ve been keeping tabs on it all week since I downloaded my year so far stats) that after two new countries read my blog in the early hours of this morning, that my page has been viewed, read and probably mocked in 100 countries. I can’t even name that many countries.

I started my blog as a means of letting my family read about and see photos of the places I was travelling to and to let them know things were going okay and that I was still alive. Almost eighteen months after starting it, my blog has quickly rose on my list of priorities. It’s an escape for me to go back a year and remember what it was like to be in Laos or Italy, so when I want to forget about what’s going on right now I go into a little bubble and write for as long as my attention span allows me to. I love reworking pieces, curating my photographs and writing new content.

In the last month I’ve changed the layout and direction of my blog to more than strictly travel, although travel really is the basis of a lot of my posts in other categories. Circumstances (aka I’m getting older and need to save for a deposit) mean that travel in 2017 will be taking a backseat, and so I’m finding my feet with what other posts to write about.

Thank you to everyone, in all of those 100 countries, who have taken the time to read my pieces and look at my photographs.

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