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The past few weeks I’ve been restocking my wardrobe for a multitude of reasons. The first being, after ten weeks (three in Italy) travelling this summer, I’ve gained some weight and tons of my clothes are now too small for me. I’m well and truly back on track to shedding it again, but in the meantime I need some clothes that fit. Reason two is that I’ve just reorganised my wardrobe and noticed some gaps in my newly built shelves that, naturally, I felt I needed to fill.

With that being said, I realised after curating these images and laying all my clothes out together that I really do have a select colour palette. I mostly stick to black, white, cream and gold but sometimes add in greys, deep reds and greens. For this reason, every item I’ve bought I’m able to mix and match.

I’ve tried to ensure that as many of the items I’ve bought are as wearable year round as possible. When it starts to warm up, I can switch boots and tights with the skirts for bare legs and trainers. The jumpers are all from reputable stores so that I know when the time comes around next year and the year after to wear them again, they’ll still be in good nick.

Loads of high street stores are doing impressive sales at the moment and the majority of them have some sort of online offer going on this week and next. I ordered the bulk of these clothes from M&S and New Look – the former offering a 20% discount online and the latter 30%. A friend of mine bought the H&M jumpers for me with her 25% staff discount and then I got my 10% student discount in Topshop. With all these reductions, I ended up only paying around 75% of the RRP for all these clothes, which makes me feel slightly less guilty about buying so many.

Here’s the price breakdown for each of the items I’ve photographed:

Grey heels – New Look, £10 (on sale, -10% student discount)

Red velvet heels – New Look, £22.99 (-30% online discount)

Black boots – New Look, £15 (50% off boots, -30% online discount)

Black pleated jumpsuit – New Look, £22.99 (-30% online discount)

Tartan scarf – New Look, £9.99 (-30% online discount)

Black pleated midi skirt – New Look, £24.99 (-30% online discount)

Grey faux leather skirt – New Look, £19.99 (-30% online discount)

Rust zip front skirt – New Look, £19.99 (-30% online discount)

Grey coat – Topshop, £59 (-10% student discount)

Green faux leather jacket – Zara, £59

Handbag – River Island, £15

Light grey jumper – H&M, £14.99 (-25% staff discount)

Grey jumper – H&M, £19.99 (-25% staff discount)

Knitted jumper – M&S, £29.50 (-20% online discount)


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