High Street Handbags: Clutch Bags

I have a pretty healthy bag collection, but my clutches are my favourites. I stand them upright on one of my shelves and arrange them by colour – which isn’t really difficult because they’re all quite similar in colour. 

For my own personal taste, River Island win the high street handbag competition by a mile. Their clutches are cheap, long lasting and perfect for nights out when you need something pretty but practical. With that being said, Miss Selfridge usually have some hidden gems in their sales, as do Zara. New Look, especially in the winter months, have stunning embroidered clutches. For me, personally, Topshop lack a little in the bag side of things. And as for Primark, if you’re patient, you’ll always find something good. 

These ones are my favourites, and I’ve made a list of where each one is from below.

From start to finish: 

  1. Miss Selfridge (£5 in sale)
  2. Missguided (£10)
  3. Zara (£4 in sale)
  4. River Island (£15)
  5. River Island (£15)
  6. Miss Selfridge (£10)
  7. Primark (£5)
  8. River Island (£15)
  9. Forever 21 (£12)
  10. River Island (£15)
  11. New Look (£30)
  12. River Island (£25)

3 thoughts on “High Street Handbags: Clutch Bags

  1. Loving your clutch collection! My own bag collection is quite minimal, for some reason I am obsessed with designer bags and therefore have to save for a long time to buy a new one. Clutches started out as probably my least favourite type of bag because I love a good shoulder strap, but more recently I have come to love them! I definitely need to add to my collection!

    xx Victoria

  2. What a cute little handbag collection, it is so hard to pick a favorite. Unfortunately I don’t have a big collection myself but I love seeing the collections of others. Thanks for putting them to a test!

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