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Because we won’t be travelling again for quite some time, I’ve decided to venture into other areas of blogging that I had previously stayed away from. I’ve redesigned the layout of my blog so it’s more embracing of these new topics, two of which will be interiors and fashion.

Due to the winters being so wet and cold and the summer months are (very slightly) warmer and drier, I usually rotate my summer and winter wardrobes to and from our attic. It’s tedious, my clothes always smell a little funky after spending six months up there and it’s really annoying when you want to wear something that’s bundled in with countless other items (plus I’m really not down to climb up to a dark cold room that an unknown amount of spiders call home). I take huge pride in my wardrobe, have a decent amount of clothes and so I decided last week that some redecoration was required.

I’ve seen these open plan wardrobes on Instagram and on TV, and I know I’m organised enough to have one of my own. We visited IKEA and I bought 5 black bookcases from their Finnby range at £21 each – the colours vary, the shelves can be adjusted and they’re only 31cm thick meaning they are significantly slimmer than IKEA’s Pax or Billy ranges (and way cheaper).

This rejigging of the clothes gave me the opportunity to have them all laid out in front of me, and I purged the ones that were too small, too old or too not my style anymore. After this I began to organise the shelves initially by item, and later by colour. I don’t think the colour grouping is entirely necessary but I like being able to look at the shelves and see exactly what my options are. I can see a black skirt at the bottom of my skirt pile and choose a matching top for it without having to pull out and inspect every item of clothing. Having them so on display is also an incredible incentive to keep them organised.

I now have no need to alternate my wardrobes, instead I have all of my clothes organised in one place all year round.


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