Phuket, Thailand

From Phnom Penh we decided that rather than travel for an entire day on land we would take two flights to South West Thailand, specifically Phuket. We flew with Air Asia firstly to Bangkok then connected to another of their flights onto Phuket.

We arrived at our hotel, Thira Residence, close to midnight so chose to head straight to bed after the day of flying. The hotel cost an unbelievable £5 per night between us and was immaculate, in a great location only a ten minute walk from the beach and main strip and the staff were incredibly helpful.

The weather was really poor during our entire stay so we were unable to do much in the area except walk around the town and relax on the beach. We enjoyed slowing down during the day for a few days and at night we visited the famous Bangla Road, which I felt was similar to Pub Street in Siem Reap.

On our second night we went to see a ping pong show which was easily both the funniest and strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Bangla Road was lined with different shows and the street was packed with people trying to get you to go watch, so we had to. If you have the chance to go see one, I would absolutely recommend doing so. It’s a change from the typical drinking and partying environment in the region and is definitely one of our favourites to relay to people about our travels. We done a lot more water excursions and spent more time on the beaches in Koh Phi Phi, so click the link if you’re interested in what to do there.

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